Families Anonymous

12 Step fellowship for families and friends

Families Anonymous

We are a 12 Step fellowship for families and friends who have known a feeling of desperation concerning the destructive behavior of someone very near to them, whether caused by drugs, alcohol, or related behavioral problems. When you come into our rooms you are no longer alone, but among friends who have experienced similar problems. Any concerned person is encouraged to attend our meetings, even if there is only a suspicion of a problem.

Your identity is protected in our meetings. We know each other by our first names, only. Anonymity of our members is paramount to the success of our program. Not only is anonymity an underlying principle of the program, but it is so important that it is part of our name.

You have nothing to lose but your pain and anger. Read on if you are ready to find the peace and serenity that our members have found through the working of the Families Anonymous program.

The Basic Readings may be helpful to your understanding more about Families Anonymous.

Worldwide 12-step recovery program

Families Anonymous, holds a weekly meeting each Tuesday at 6:00 PM at

Main Street United Methodist Church
1830 Main Street
Columbia, SC 29201

Enter on Main Street through the door immediately to the left of Church Directory Sign. It is the second door from street corner.

No dues or fees are required for membership. First names only are used at meetings to preserve individual anonymity. Advance notice is not necessary to attend a meeting. Visitors are welcome.

For information or questions about this meeting, call Georgetta at 803.741.4277 email FamAnon.SC1@gmail.com. Additional timely information for the local meeting can be found by visiting our twitter feed @FamAnonSC1.

For information about the Families Anonymous program, go to www.familiesanonymous.org or call 847-294-5877 or 800-736-9805. All calls and contacts are confidential.